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ALUMNI PROFILE: Stephanie DaCruz

Although Stephanie Da Cruz comes from an international, multilingual family, she didn't speak any French before starting at FASRI at the age of three. But she soon settled into school life and, over the course of eleven years, she formed lasting friendships and distinguishing herself as a visual artist and writer. "FASRI gave me an opportunity to experience and feel connected to a different part of the world through my bilingual upbringing," she says.

Cartooning for Peace / Dessins pour la paix

FASRI students participated in the "Cartooning for Peace"/ "Dessins pour la paix" zoom seminar organized by the AEFE for the network of French schools in North America. The seminar was held in French and gave an opportunity to 800 students from 4th to 8th grade across the network to discover the work of the  French Cartoonist Kak...

Bear Paw Measurements

This week, in La Découverte du Monde: Discovery of the World, Grande Section / Kindergarten students finished learning about bears and what they do to hibernate....

A quoi sert l'école? What is the purpose of school?

In November 2020, all elementary and middle school students in French schools around the world were invited to reflect on the purpose of school in light of freedom of speech and thought (A quoi sert l'école?) in an age appropriate language. At FASRI, French teachers engaged students in conversations centering around the relationship between freedom of self and respect toward the other and conversations were framed in relationship to the core values of the school.....

FASRI Virtual schoolwide Music Presentation

Check out the performances of the students of the French American School of Rhode Island (FASRI)! Physical distancing doesn’t mean musical distancing. The website below presents the fruits of each class' labor during the twelve weeks of Distance Learning at FASRI. A special thank you to Mr. Keohane, our music teacher, for this wonderful achievement.

May 2020- FASRI Virtual schoolwide Visual Arts Exhibition

How to foster creativity and emotional balance through Visual Arts in a time of Distance Learning.

Our observations show that, for the whole duration of the twelve weeks of distance learning, students continued to be engaged and excited about learning. As a school, the main focus of FASRI’s Art Program was to provide students of all grades with avenues to express their creativity and feelings as they stayed at home....

Amate Bark Painting Project: Exploring Art and Culture

During two weeks of distance learning, students in first and second grade have explored two wonderful countries in art class. They have been discovering new artforms virtually and gaining appreciation for different cultures in a meaningful and enjoyable way.

Creative Writing:  “Rituel Image”

Every week, the French Humanities Class provides sixth and fifth grade students with an opportunity to observe and analyse a piece of art. The piece of art serves as a starter for them to write a short text about the painting, imagine who the character might be, their state of mind and feelings, the story in the painting, and much more.