The FASRI Fund supports everything that our students experience in the classroom day to day, facility maintenance and improvements, faculty salaries, technology, enrichment programs, enhancements to our program.

​Your support of the FASRI Fund has the most immediate impact on our students, as it goes straight to the heart of our program. When you give to the FASRI Fund, you can choose how to direct your gift:

  • Technology/Library: Technology's role in education is constantly evolving. Tools like tablets and computers and a well-equipped library are crucial to what we do for students.
  • Enrichment Programs: Giving children of all grades the chance to tackle new physical challenges during the school day like swimming, kayaking or skating.
  • Professional Development: Students benefit when teachers develop their skills and network with peers.
  • Financial Aid: Helping families in need gives more children access to this unique education.
  • FASRI's Most Urgent Needs: We have many needs, including educational supplies, program development, student support, building and infrastructure maintenance. Choosing this category allows FASRI to direct your gift to where it is most needed.
    Should a First Fund designated area become oversubscribed, FASRI will direct your gift to where it is needed most.

Celebrating Our Donors

We value gifts of all sizes, and invite you to consider the different levels of support available. All gifts are recognized in our annual Giving Report. Leadership Circle donors are invited to the annual Leadership Circle event which takes place in the fall.​


 The Visionaries  $10,000+
 Citizens of the World  $5,000+
 The Entrepreneurs  $3,000+
 La Francophonie  $2,000+
 Lifelong Learners  $1,000+



 L’Espoir  $750+
 The Scientists  $500+
 Les Artistes  $300+
 Le Coq Rouge  $150+
 India Point Park  $1-$149


As FASRI is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, your donations are tax deductible.