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Endowment Fund

We invite you to participate in a milestone in the school’s history. Established in 2014, in the twentieth year of FASRI in honor of the school's founder, the Dominique Velociter Founder’s Endowment Fund, FASRI’s first endowed fund, establishes a permanent source of support for the school.

Your contribution to the Dominique Velociter Founder’s Endowment Fund will support future generations of FASRI students.

In time, interest garnered from the fund will ensure a continuity of financial support for the professional development of the dedicated and skilled teachers who are at the heart of the mission of the school.
To ensure its longevity, FASRI has partnered with the Rhode Island Foundation for the investment and administration of this historic fund. Only a portion of the earnings from the investment will be given out each year, so that the fund will grow over time, preserving and building upon the original gifts.

Make your gift to the Endowment online now.

In 1994 Dominique Velociter established FASRI, or La Petite Ecole as it was called then. The front room of a Victorian home belonging to Madame Velociter and her family served as the first classroom. FASRI has come a long way since then, serving over 200 students from preschool through eighth grade. The school’s fully-accredited program meets all requirements both in the United States and France and students benefit not only from our regular curriculum right here in Providence, but also from new study abroad opportunities in France and Spain.

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