Our FASRI community is a vibrant, friendly, and culturally diverse environment for our students to learn in and be a part of. This page is a repository for useful links, forms, and documents. 

One of the elements that makes FASRI such a unique school is the community: parent volunteers, special friends, local institutions, and faculty & staff involvement.  Our students' growth is supported by all members of our community working together.

If you have an expertise, a talent and/or an interest that you would like to share with our community, please reach out to your child(ren)'s teacher(s), and the administrative team.

FASRI boutique

This store is a partnership between FASRI and Logo Sportswear. Fifteen percent of every purchase will benefit the programs and initiatives of FASRI's Parent Association. Place your order and Logo Sportswear will deliver the items directly to your home! Billing, shipping, production questions? Please contact Logo Sportswear at 877-535-5646.



Children at a lunch table eating

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Any questions about the lunch program should be addressed in the FASRI front office at 401 274 3325 or to