Health guidelines

⚠️ Summer camp 2020 - Covid 19 guidelines

The French American School of Rhode Island will offer an on-site  summer camp on site with enhanced health and safety procedures due to Covid-19. We will follow the guidelines from the CDC, the American Camp Association and the RI Dept of Health to operate more safely during this Summer camp.

  • Only small groups of children (2 pods of 10 students).
  • Campers will stay at all time with the same counselors and children during all 3 weeks of Summer camp.
  • Washing hands, cleaning surface regularly and masks, gloves will be mandatory for some activities.
  • Campers must bring their snacks/lunch each day in a bag with student's name on it.
  • All material for each camper will be provided by the school in sealed bag (ziplock) with name tag.