Enrichment Programs

At FASRI our students and their families benefit from an array of learning experiences beyond the classroom. Regular enrichment activities, like skating, swimming, or trips to the ballet provide physical and cultural education for our students and sparks their imagination with new interests. These outings and class trips also allow our bilingual learners to hone their language skills with teachers in a relaxed, enjoyable environment. Our location offers a wide range of activities in the surrounding city of Providence whether it’s an event at Brown University or a walking trip to the RISD Museum. 

Educators from around the world bring new interests to our community and share talents like sewing, acting, electronics in our after-school program. Students often discover new interests and talent through after-school offerings like ballet, fencing and music lessons. Some of our programs involve the whole family. FASRI’s talented families also engage through our elective programs. Students learn from our parents who are scientists, designers, artists and published authors.
There are many opportunities for the whole family to become involved in the life of the school and FASRI regularly welcomes members of the larger community to camps, classes and events. Special literary events and lectures draw members of our parent community as well as students and faculty from local universities and cultural organizations.