Passport Class Program

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Vacation Camps

FASRI offers four camps during the year:  our 4-week Summer Program, October Camp, February Camp, and April Camp. 

All our camp programs offer children the opportunity to enjoy speaking French in a relaxed environment, while they enjoy a variety of activities.

Camp counselors are part FASRI’s team of teaching assistants and Afterschool staff. Nap time will be provided for our Maternelle campers in Petite and Moyenne Section (Ages 3 & 4 years old).

October Camp

October 15 - 18

Our accreditation by the French ministry of education means that we adapt our calendar to the French standards. La Toussaint in France, or what we call "October Break" in Providence, happens in French schools around the world. Historically it was observed as a religious holiday, but is maintained by French schools to ensure that students have regular breaks throughout the academic year. Our October campers get to enjoy peaceful trips to the zoo, outdoor activities, and the playground.

Weekly rate: $250

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More about October Break

Typically students enjoyed crafts like making scarecrows with hay,  Halloween spoons with Frankenstein, spooky ghosts, fall drawings, and carved pumpkins. Each day they bake French recipes like apple tart, and compote de pommes. Campers also go on area outings like the zoo and games at the park. 

2020 Summer Program

Geared towards children ages 3 – 10, from 8am to 4pm.

Our French summer program takes place over four weeks each summer and it offers a great opportunity for FASRI students to keep up their French skills during the summer vacation. Children from the surrounding community and non French-speaking campers are welcome as well. Each week is organized around a particular theme, such as French, the arts, sports, or cooking.

Summer fun, en français!

Join us for a different theme each week and activities:

June 24 – July 19, 2019

June 15 – 19: French Cooking Week - "Cuisinons Français!"
Come and discover the culture of France through cooking! Each day the children will have the pleasure of making a recipe from different regions of France. Recipes will include Gougeres au fromage, Crepes from Brittany, roule au chocolat, panna Cotta aux fruits etc. Each “little chef” will have the opportunity to participate and bring home samples of their cooking efforts for family members to try.

June 22 – 26: Sports Week - "Jouons ensemble!" Let's play!
Improve your balance, coordination, sportsmanship,
teamwork, and endurance while learning about different
kinds of sports and games with your friends.
Come play soccer, relay races, baseball, dodgeball and badminton. 

June 29 – July 3: Arts & Crafts Week
Let your imagination run wild!
Objectives: learn about self-expressions and new channels of creativity through different forms.
Activities includes: painting, exploration of music/dance, improvisation/acting
July 6 – 10: Creativity Freestyle

During this week, our little campers will have the opportunity to choose their own theme. Showing us their creativity and imagination in French.


  • Camp schedule: M-F, 8am – 4pm
  • Weekly rate: $295. Daily and half-day rates available.
  • Snacks and all activities are included in the price of camp. Campers must bring their lunch each day.
  • Campers must be fully potty trained.
  • Nap & quiet time will be provided for younger campers mid-day.

WHAT TO BRING/WEAR (please label everything):

  • A crate for your camper’s belongings
  • Daily lunch (no nuts) and drink
  • Sunblock
  • Bug spray
  • Bathing suit
  • Water shoes
  • Towel
  • Reusable water bottle
  • A full change of clothes (including underwear, socks & shoes)
  • Blanket & pillow for naps (Maternelle only)
  • Allergy medication (epi-pen, inhaler, etc.) if needed