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Sharing food & Giving thanks

There has always been something good about the Thanksgiving holiday: sharing food, giving thanks, spending time with family and friends. This year, Middle School students organized a small food drive to donate baskets to local families for the holiday. 

The city is our classroom

This fall, as an inter-class project, FASRI 3rd and 4th Graders are studying the geography and architecture of Providence, specifically in relation to the area surrounding the recently completed pedestrian bridge which spans the Providence River, connecting the East Side to the Jewelry District. For this in depth study, the group makes frequent visits to the pedestrian bridge to use as their outdoor classroom and central vantage point in their investigations. Last Thursday, 3rd and 4th Graders had an amazing experience while they continued  their exploration into the city of Providence…

Social Emotional Learning at FASRI!
Why is SEL (Social Emotional Learning) important? 
  • Increases students’ capacity to learn
  • Increases academic achievement
  • Improves attitudes toward self & others 
  • Improves positive social behaviors
  • decreases conduct problems and emotional distress
Gardening and Exercising
This month, Maternelle students with Ms. McCally are studying emotional awareness and listening. MS/PK students practice their listening skills and gross motor skills with a guided exercise routine and games. They then went to the garden to smell the different calming scents and talk about how each scent makes them feel.  
CE1/2nd Grade Engineers
Mr Clerc's CE1/2nd grade students created 'Solar Rover' vehicles in their last science class of this school year.
The vehicles were built from a kit, but utilized aluminum cans brought from home. For some students it was the first time they'd ever used a screwdriver. Each car was decorated and individualized – it was an exciting class project!
The Last Schoolwide Assembly
The students of Cycle 2 – CP/1st grade & CE1/2nd grade – were the presenters at Tuesday's last schoolwide assembly of the 2017-2018 school year. Five students from Mr Clerc's CE1/2nd grade class started off by describing 'How to Write a Comic Book/Graphic Novel.' Two students from CP/1st grade introduced a short movie about the Cycle 2
trip to Alton Jones. It was projected onto 
the big screen in the auditorium for everyone to view and appreciate.
A Taste of Élémentaire/Elementary
Last week the Grande Section/Kindergarten students from the MS/GS (Moyenne Section/Grande Section) class went up to visit the CP/1st graders. The GS/K students will be
graduating from Cycle 1: Maternelle to Cycle 2: Élémentaire in only a few short weeks. It was an exciting adventure for the GS/K students to get to see what is in store for them next year when they move up!