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Energy Science Experiment: building water wheels  

The first and second grade students studied the cycle of water and energy in science class.  They learned that running water has kinetic energy because it is moving. For an experiment they built a water wheel using recycled objects and learn how to harness that energy to make the wheel spin, then they learned how this could be a useful source of renewable energy.

Global Diversity

The ability to think in another language, beyond mere translation, provides a subtle understanding of the ideas through the lenses of cultural perspectives that enrich the thought process. Thoughts undergo changes from language to language and from country to country, and an international education not only allows students to perceive the world from multiple...

5th grade Art critics on site at RISD

As part of an interdisciplinary unit articulated between Social Science and Language Arts,  the 5th graders went to the RISD museum...

Marché de Noël: family fun with an international flavor

The Marché de Noël is a long-standing tradition at the French American School (FASRI), and over the years, parents have come together to provide the wider community with a fun family event which aligns with the mission of the school . We partner with the Providence Flea which brings a great variety of local artisans and makers to the outdoor market.

Sharing food & Giving thanks

There has always been something good about the Thanksgiving holiday: sharing food, giving thanks, spending time with family and friends. This year, Middle School students organized a small food drive to donate baskets to local families for the holiday.