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Our FASRI community is a vibrant, friendly, and culturally diverse environment for our students to learn in and be a part of. As we launch our website on a new platform, we are working to make a better experience online for you. This page will be a repository for useful links, forms, and documents. Thank you for your patience as we transition to this new platform. Please feel free to CLICK HERE to submit via email any feedback, questions, and/or issues that arise.

Any questions about the lunch program should be addressed in the FASRI front office
at 401 274 3325 or to

Children at a lunch table eating

About Café de Vie
Since 2005, Café de Vie has been providing hot lunches for FASRI students. Café de Vie owner Raul Ibarra has an extensive background in both culinary arts and school food service. He is also the proud parent of three FASRI alumni.