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Passport Program

Our Passport Program is an intensive dual-language immersion that integrates non French-speakers in the elementary grades into our academic curriculum.

Children have an amazing ability to learn. When it comes to learning a language, earlier is better, but our Passport Program is designed to give older elementary students opportunity to acquire the skills they need to thrive in our regular program.

How Does it Work?

Our program incorporates the most successful and innovative teaching methods employed by dual-language schools worldwide. For elementary students, a strong mother tongue is the key to developing a second language. Students entering our Passport Program already possess an understanding of grammar and vocabulary in English. As they gradually improve their abilities in French, they are able to grasp the values and excitement of another culture.

New French learners at the French American School benefit from an accelerated, highly-specialized French as a second language (FSL) program which integrates all subjects. Our immersion programs are effective because they use second language acquisition as the vehicle for learning the academic curriculum. This makes the content of the courses inherently more interesting for the student and maximizes the instructional time by accomplishing two goals at once: language acquisition and content learning.

The Passport Program is taught by a certified teacher trained in FSL. We use the teaching techniques that employ movement, games, performance, and encouragement to inspire confidence in their oral communication (right: one of our students learns confidence and practices speaking by making morning annoucements). During the year, as they become more functional in French, they gradually integrate into the regular FASRI curriculum, with ongoing individualized support from the FSL teacher.

The Passport program is not for every student. The program is designed primarily to offer support to younger elementary students and the earlier the better. The Passport Program also requires a high level of commitment by the student, parents and teachers. The admissions process provides amble opportunities for you to ask questions and decide if Passport is the best option for your child.