Why Choose FASRI: Testimonials

Choose French "maternelle" International Preschool
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Meet the alumni




Because an international education can inspire the whole family

Two women

Line Daems (alumni parent '09) and
Pernilla Frazier (alumni parent '09)

When alumni parents Line Daems and Pernilla Frazier volunteered for the decorating committee of the annual fundraising gala, they realized they shared an interest in fabrics and design and they started talking about the possibility of starting a business. Watch their video!

Line: The teachers at FASRI really teach children to have their own voice, have their own opinion, and be tolerant towards other cultures countries and peoples. I see that every day when I hear from, or see my kids.

Pernilla: We had moved to Rhode Island from New York City. I’m Swedish and I wanted my daughter to have an international experience. It ended up being a fantastic experience for all of us and to this day–she is now in college in Montreal–she speaks French and has kept that up. It was just a really vibrant and inspiring environment.


Because education is a journey

Family; man woman and daughter

Odette and Brett England

Before moving to Providence from southern Australia we spent a considerable amount of time researching public and private schools for our daughter. We were determined to find the right ‘fit’.

We were immediately impressed by how warm, genuine, responsive, honest and welcoming FASRI is. Nothing was too much trouble; every question we asked was met with a ‘real’ answer; we knew at that point we’d found a potential home for our daughter’s ongoing education journey. Because it is a journey–it’s about learning, tripping up along the way and then re-finding our feet–as parents and children.

We strongly encourage anyone considering FASRI to visit in person; to meet with the excellent, knowledgeable staff; and to speak with parents from within the school community. All schools, like all children, are different. We made a point of doing our homework and with FASRI it has proven one of the most positive and reassuring decisions we’ve made as a family.




Because having a different culture is celebrated

Family; man woman and son

Sam Ang and Lay Ha Khoo

We have been extremely pleased with the Passport Program at FASRI [an intensive dual-language immersion that integrates non French-speakers in grades one through six into our academic curriculum]. It was amazing to see the Passport Program kids go from no experience in French to speaking French within three or four months.

Our son is a third culture kid–growing up a in culture different from that of his parents. FASRI has provided the ideal environment for him to learn and grow in a school where knowing two or three (or more) languages, or having a different culture doesn't make you odd. In fact, at FASRI it is celebrated. We noticed that in addition to learning French, his interest and skills in Chinese have improved tremendously since enrolling at FASRI–clearly a benefit of the multicultural environment.