New Families

Enrolling your child in an international program sets the course to a life changing journey.

We want all of our students to be happy and successful. All of us at FASRI are here to make the transition for new students and their families easy and welcoming. 

Throughout the year, our Calendar includes events that help to inform parents about our community, our curriculum, and allow for conversation and feedback.


Each spring we hold a New Parent Orientation day, which outlines what families can expect from their new school. We welcome your questions at any time.


Our Summer Camp is a fun way for students to learn a little French, familiarize themselves with the school environment, and meet other FASRI students.

Over the summer, we set up our Buddy Program where new families are matched with current families to help them make new friends and recognize some familiar faces when school starts in September.
The FASRI Parents' Association organizes two Summer Playdates during the summer to help new students and parents get to know the community in a relaxed and fun setting. 


Before the first day of school, FASRI invites all students to Meet Your Teacher day. Students are able to visit their classrooms, meet their teachers, and connect with classmates.

At the beginning of the school year, the FASRI Parents' Association organizes a Family Picnic at Colt State Park. 
Please contact us, with any questions or for more details.

More information can be found on our Community Page.

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