Elementary: Grades 1–5

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A student nearing the end of our Lower School program has spent close to eight years at our school. Our students are adept at using their skills in two languages to express ideas and knowledge, and they now have a close-knit peer group of motivated learners to inspire them. Their growing mastery of languages allows them to transition into Middle School as intellectually agile, confident and creative students.

Our students possess excellent study habits and they take real pride in their work which they enjoy sharing. At the French American School, we believe in the cognitive value of basic foundational skills, such as committing poetry to memory and learning to write clearly in cursive, important practices for the developing brain.

The intellectual habits gained through language allows students to easily shift perspectives and adapt their thinking to creatively solve problems, not just in social studies or reading, but also in science and math. Our students master mathematical concepts for each grade level and can understand and apply effective problem-solving techniques. They also develop important inquiry and process skills for their future study of science including observation, communication, classification, measurement, inference and prediction.

Students at the French American School demonstrate a high level of respect and curiosity about other cultures. Near the end of their elementary years, they have a strong grasp of global history spanning millennia. When they look at a world map they can take pleasure in locating the many countries of origin of their classmates and teachers.

Elementary School Schedule

School hours are:

Early drop off:
7:30am to 8:15am

Elementary School:
8:30am to 2:55pm

Afterschool program:
2:55pm to 5:30pm

FASRI essentially follows the calendar of the Providence Public Schools except for a one-week break in the third week of October.

“ The diversity in a bilingual school makes the kids conscious right from the start that there’s more around them than just America.”
~ FASRI parent

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