Distance Learning

FASRI moved toward Distance Learning on March 24, 2020

As FASRI continues to advance your child's bilingual education through a distance learning format, we know that there will be quick successes, challenges, and areas to refine and for growth. With this in mind, we focus in the beginning on getting adjusted to distance learning, mostly reviewing the acquired knowledge and practicing acquired skills. 

Thank you to all FASRI families for their support and cooperation in the process, we are very grateful to each family for their involvement.

Thank you to FASRI team of experienced, strong, and dedicated teachers and educators who demonstrate that they are embracing the opportunities and challenges of distance learning with great thoughtfulness.

Mes CP-CE1 font preuve déjà de beaucoup d'autonomie. Ils réussissent tous à se connecter aux différents Zoom Meet on time et font leurs activités avec beaucoup d'envie et de créativités.

FASRI Teacher

Distance Learning Principles

Social Emotional Learning