Who We Are

School picture

Mission Statement

The French American School of Rhode Island’s multilingual experience cultivates globally-minded, confident, creative learners.


Vision Statement

The French American School of Rhode Island leads in international education, creating a multicultural community prepared to change the world.

Core Values

At the French American School of Rhode Island, we value intellectual curiosity, respect, empathy and integrity.

Intellectual curiosity
  • a passion to learn for its own sake
  • a drive to understand the world and one’s place in it
  • an appreciation for the uniqueness of every individual’s experience
  • a commitment to the wellbeing of our community and the environment
  • an intention to understand and care for the emotions, feelings, and perspectives of one another
  • a conviction to follow strong moral principles and ethical standards
  • the quality of being honest


We are a community of lifelong learners who

  • are prepared to think critically, explore, discover and create,
  • enjoy collaborating and finding solutions to complex problems,
  • value cross-cultural multilingual experiences
  • honor diverse perspectives, traditions and cultures,
  • believe that individually, we make a difference; together, we can transform the world.

The Four Pillars of our Teaching and Learning Philosophy

  1. The authentic, individualized connection between teacher and learner is at the core of the learning experience.
  2. Multilingual students develop superior cognitive abilities and strategies to solve problems while expanding their knowledge and their skill set. 
  3. All learners treat others with kindness and contribute to a positive learning atmosphere using a research-based bilingual curriculum integrating social emotional competencies.
  4. Our student-centered interdisciplinary, STEAM-embedded approach empowers students to explore their passions and design innovative solutions that can benefit local, national and/or global communities.

 (STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)

Learners' Profile


At the end of Kindergarten, children are curious, creative and confident. Their curiosity, creativity, and sense of kindness toward others has been cultivated through play-based, hands-on, and art-infused activities while building enthusiasm for learning and the foundation for robust academics in language, reading, writing, and math.


Children have confidence communicating comfortably in French and in English. They are self-aware and responsible for their learning experience, and able to understand multiple perspectives. At the end of 5th grade, they have a solid academic foundation and have grown into open-minded, flexible thinkers with a genuine respect for others, the community, and the environment.

Middle School

By the end of Middle School, students are knowledgeable, multilingual collaborators. They are recognized for their exceptional strengths in the humanities, math, science, critical thinking, and self- expression. They learn Spanish as their third language. Their cultural competencies allow them to bridge differences and create connections among diverse groups. They are responsible, socially conscious global citizens prepared to navigate the complexity of the world and influence the future.

Educators' Profile

We consider all faculty and staff at the French American School of Rhode Island as a team of educators contributing to the learning experience of every student.

Our educators are compassionate, supportive, ready to listen, learn and change. They have a genuine belief in each child’s potential and ability to succeed.
Our educators are highly skilled professionals in their chosen field, live the multilingual and multicultural mission of the school and its values, and understand that every interaction represents an opportunity to learn.