Reopening Plan - Fall 2020

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Message from the Head of School

Dear Parents,

The mission of the French American School of Rhode Island is to cultivate globally-minded, confident, creative learners through a multilingual experience which is based on a French American core program accredited by the French Ministry of Education (AEFE) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

At this point, we are confident in the scenario plans which we are presenting now, knowing that FASRI has the ability to welcome every student and grade back in the building for in-person classes at the same time, with safety and health precautions in place. Limited Remote Learning will remain a component of in-person plans, and FASRI will transition to Distance Learning at any time when needed:

1. Scenario A - Full in-person Learning: group/class size looks as usual, knowing that FASRI usually operates with classes of around 20 students or less. School operates in the framework of enhanced safety protocols. 

2. Scenario B - Modified in-person Learning with modified pods of students: groups of students are minimized to 15. School operates in the framework of enhanced safety protocols. 

3. Distance Learning: this plan would be available at any time in case of building's closure and/or stay home order when circumstances require schools to remain closed to in-person instruction.

When we return to school, regardless of the scenario and setup, we will follow all relevant health and safety guidelines that are provided by the State health department and government, and safety protocols will be part of our daily routines for all, students and adults.

The education pioneer John Dewey said that we don't learn from experience - we learn from reflecting on experience. The Spring Distance Learning experience informs the scenario planning as we look at 2020/2021.  We feel strong in our ability to continue to provide our students with a joyful, meaningful and rewarding multilingual learning experience within the framework of the current context, thanks to the engagement of all stakeholders, Board of Trustees, parents, faculty, staff and students.

We are truly grateful for your ongoing support, faith in the benefits of a multilingual education, and constructive partnership with us. FASRI is truly a one of a kind community in Rhode Island!

Warm regards, 

Benedicte Brouder


Please be aware of the most up to date restrictions if you choose to travel out of the state.  There may be testing or quarantining requirements associated with traveling to or returning from certain areas. 


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Vision and Guiding Principles for Reopening

Strengths and Challenges from Spring 2020


Components of Reopening Plan


Distance Learning vs Limited Remote Learning


  • Distance Learning Plan would be used in the event of forced closure of the school building and following RIDOH guidance. This implies that students/teachers transition to distance learning according to the RIDOH guidance, and schedules shift to specifically designed distance learning schedules.
  • Limited Remote Learning is available to students in PK through 8th grade through live streaming of in-person classes happening in the school building. Student(s) can connect through Zoom and follow classes from home. This allows student(s) to follow the regular in-person schedule and does not imply a specific differentiated remote learning schedule. Additional support will be available for students who qualify for Limited Remote  Learning Support.


Section Distance Learning Modified In-Person Learning (Pods of 15) Full In-Person Learning (Regular Class Size)
High Level Overview

Distance Learning continues for students, due to the spread of Covid-19 in the community and State of Rhode Island’s stay home/lockdown order. In case of a COVID-19 positive case, RIDOH guidelines apply (pod/class/school).

Specifically designed distance learning plans apply.

FASRI resumes 100% in-person operations in cohorts of approximately 15. Some physical distancing protocols are required based on current health information.

Limited Remote learning is available through live streaming of in-person classes.

FASRI resumes 100% in- person operations with regular FASRI class size, with some physical distancing protocols still required based on current health information.

Limited Remote learning is available through live-streaming of in-person classes.