The French American School of Rhode Island (FASRI) offers a unique dual-language education for preschool through the eighth grade. Founded in 1994 by Dominique Velociter, a pioneer teacher passionated with multilingual learning, FASRI is accredited by the Ministere de l'Education Nationale (French Ministry of Education), the Rhode Island Board of Education, and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

FASRI offers the best of both worlds; adhering to the rigorous requirements of the French government and the highest standards of American independent schools. We belong to a worldwide network of French schools (AEFE) that has been in existence for over a century. A total of 400,000 children attend AEFE accredited schools around the world. Of the 581 member schools in 140 countries around the world,  60 are located in North America and have produced thousands of alumni who are now CEOs, political leaders, artists and innovators of all disciplines.

Children playing with a colorful parachute

Many of our students enter the school with no French at all. As they learn a new language and culture, they build greater awareness and curiosity, becoming more open to the world and the differences within it. The FASRI community is richly diverse with families that hail from every continent and over 130 countries. Our families often have multiple nationalities and cultural traditions, and some of our students are trilingual learners. Our team of educators have lived and worked in countries around the globe, such as but not limited to Uzbekhistan, Bahrain, China, England, France and Australia.

Please come and visit us to find out more: we will be delighted to welcome you!

Our Mission

The French American School of Rhode Island’s multilingual experience cultivates globally-minded, confident, creative learners.

Core Values

At the French American School of Rhode Island, we value intellectual curiosity, respect, empathy and integrity.

Intellectual curiosity
a passion to learn for its own sake
a drive to understand the world and one’s place in it

an appreciation for the uniqueness of every individual’s experience
a commitment to the wellbeing of our community and the environment

an intention to understand and care for the emotions, feelings, and perspectives of one another

a conviction to follow strong moral principles and ethical standards
the quality of being honest